Enhance TimeWarner

April 17, 2006

Bit of backtrack, but noteworthy.

Carl Icahn and his suited army at Lazard published a Bohemia of criticism against TW in Feb 2006. As I remember, they used Word-Press to publish the site and document; Alas the site is no more [Link] but you can still get the beautiful report here [Link].

In short, Icahn owns a tidy share in the under-performing Publisher and understandably wants to see some profit. His suggestion was to bust up the TW/AOL publisher into 4 smaller companies. Nothing short of liquidating the entire firm would mean dispersing the media rights of a massive amount of content. Just the kind of thing the web communities need to expand services to users. Nothing's happen since the publishing of the report – but I watch with interest..

Some commentary on the matter from paidcontent.org [Link]

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