Hello world – you belong to me

April 17, 2006

First post and a mental note.

It's nobody's fault.

I suspect the predicament of zero influence is one of language, may this be biological or cultural; we are supposed to be in this mess now.

It's that we didn't expect it earlier in history which makes it feel like a tragedy. Kicking the backside of culture is perhaps how we turn it into a comedy!

One Response to “Hello world – you belong to me”

  1. Daniel Edlen Says:

    The dichotomy of communication and control was the fascinating subject that in UCLA’s Cybernetics program gave me the foundation along with eastern philosophy through Alan Watts to think the way I do.

    I like the way you think, or at least convey your thinking.

    The western world has been so corrupted by ownership it’s quite disgusting, if I was prone to judgement of whole cultures. I marvel at the communication-centered cultures of aboriginal peoples. One’s life matters in how one lives it, not what one leaves behind. Raising children is fundamentally what we as animals are here for, and experiencing our lives as humans is probably why that mechanism is in place.

    So, yes there is a place for insane consumerism, it takes all kinds. Who am I to judge another’s experience? But I think cultures that place more value on that frail network of humanity than on having better grass than your neighbor succeed in the purpose of Life.

    Daniel Edlen

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