Super Taggers

August 12, 2006

Just as there are always heroes in folk stories, there are ‘Super Taggers’ in Folksonomy.

An excellent round in the ‘The best of’ with a list who is taking tagging to the next level are listed here.

James Melzer’s own collection of examples are here:

But who has the time to tidy up their tag bundles? There must be a better for natural grouping. I’d rather train a system than design my own ontology of a tag library.

James tagged Decentralization Writer/Consultant, Clay Shirkys Etech 2005 lecture “Ontology is Overrated”, which is available here as an audio recording [text version here], where he rants his way through a jazz-bookended lecture on link structures. The key point he makes is that folksonomies are the same mode of thinking as taxonomy – a danger he sees as rewriting the library systems of today.

Meanwhile Banksy makes his observations about juxtaposition of objects with equal angst and more clarity.

Both comment on Individual motivation with group value, and more importantly “Does the world make sense or do we make sense of the world?”

Shriky explains this is “beating semantics into submission” whilst noting semantics are in the user not the system, and the context of the user is key to understanding the world around us. Banksy just shows us.

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