Steal this Film, please..

August 23, 2006

Steal this Film

Steal this Film is a documentary produced by ‘The league of noble peers’ covering the Pirate Bay website: its begininngs, its crew and its impact on Hollywood.

Featuring interiews with the Pirate Bay crew, Swedens Pirate Pary and a host of (uncleared?) copyrighted Hollywood material, it’s an excellent introduction to the concerns over filesharing and the movie industries fear of not keeping up with the distribution oppotunities afforded by the internet – highlighted by the proposed WTO trade embargos against Sweden, where Pirate Bay is run.

This seems to have opened an interesting political angle, where the Swedish goverenment fear losing voters if they were to shut down the service. Even if they could, the server redundancy is now (alegedly) so organised, the Bay will be up and runnning again with 4 or so minutes.

“We wanted to make a film that would explore this huge popular movement in a way that excited us, engaged us, and most importantly, focussed on what we know to be the positive and optimistic vision many filesharers and artists (they are often one) have for the future of creativity. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the first part of Steal This Film.”

Collaboration and funding is being requested to continue the documentary, so if you want to participate in the development check out the wiki. The main site is here and links through to the Bit Torrent files of the movie.

The movie itself doesn’t declare itself under any licence, presumably because of all the uncleared media in the movie (Films: The Day After Tomorrow, They Live and Zabriskie Point. Music: Why Must I Be The Thief and She Brings the Rain, both by Can.. so it would be interesting to see if the movie industry responds through remixing this movie..but first thay have to steal it.

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