Meebo heat and Google embers

October 14, 2006

meebomap-thumb.pngThis a distribution map of Meebo via O’Reilly.

Here are some statistics too: –
How many times do people login every single day? 950,000!! You may ask how many of those are “unique?” About 670,000. It turns out most of you happen to log in about 1.4 times per day. Oh, and here’s another interesting one… how many network accounts do you all log in with on average? Also 1.4…which means 1.35 million network ID are logged in daily.

Over 3.5 million unique individuals log into Meebo every month, and on a daily basis you’re all sending and receiving a mere 57,000,000 messages. If you aggregate all of the time everyone spends in Meebo on a daily basis? 64,000,000 minutes which calculates to approximately 122 years! WOW! (click here to see a graph) It turns out you’re all sending and receiving a message just about once/minute, and you’re staying on Meebo an average of 70 minutes/session.

Impressed? That’s a lot of chatter going on.

It’s worth very little though.

Social Networks sites are almost as hot as user generated video sites. Hot, ‘cos the short term land grab for attention is driving the ad revenue – there is a shortage of media in fact – no where near enough for all the advertisers. The medium term will show a decline. Why? Sustainability. I’ll explain.

At the moment we have a shock of the new – the barriers for peer communication is at their lowest. This is great. More talk, more conversation, more commerce, as the ClueTrain passengers would tell you.

Meebo dont do indexing for meaning, but I expect they would love to dump the suitcase of conversations on Google Triumvirate desk and ask for $10+bn. The problem is, Meebo cant leverage this data. It belongs to the users and as soon as they try to sell to Google, the punters will ask for revenue share. And this applies to all the other social network systems. Thus, the short terms benifits out rank the medium to long term plans. The ability to grow the services are latent, but the owners of social network applications are not media producers.

Ah, Myspace and Murdoch.. hmm, yes – now you can see why this should arouse fear into the boardrooms of every broadcaster and media production company on the planet. Google recent $900 deal with MySpace for the adspace seemed like Murdoch’s money shot par excellence (sorry about the similie), but understand that Google now have access to useage data via the advertising program and effectively are listening in on the conversations. Well worth the price. Consdering its a multi-year deal, ensures Google have a social stream of knowledge pouring into its indexing service. Google can afford these rates, they know they’ll be making it back in the medium term.

Once the flames of the web2.0 die down, Google will have the white hot embers ready to forge some very serious toys.

I’ll be posting something about why YouTube is worth a lot more than $1.65bn to Google later this week, and should explain why they really dont care about the ‘content’ of media. In fact, they are after 1 thing only. As said – I’ll post this up later in the week.

In the meanwhile follow the data, not the money…

One Response to “Meebo heat and Google embers”

  1. Very Interesting data. Youtube and valuation, Waiting.

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