A home for the tunes

November 10, 2006


Most music oriented posting here are about media usage, and I’ve avoided writing about my fetish for recording studios – I’ve a modest set up residing the spare room – but seeing these snapshots of techno’s-finest-Berlin-based DJ’s lounges is very tasty. The sheer amount of vinyl in these photos is stunning. There was a time where I was looking after a friends collection, something like 14,000 tracks of techno and house. I don’t think I got to listen to anything like 10% of the collection over the 8 months that they were in the flat…

Considering these are lounge shots not studios you can see the heroes of techno are never far from their instruments.

Berlin has been the honeypot for artists for the past decade: cheap property, creative atmosphere and a sense of community that encouraging each other. How these districts arise is mainly down to the ergonomics – creatives will always seek the cheap spaces to work in.

But I cant help think about the Rolling Stones and Villa Nellcôte. The Stones we’re encouraged to leave the UK when Harold Wilson upped the taxation rates. Being forced to find somewhere to work lead them to the now historic villa where they recorded Exile on Main Street surrounded by friends and groupies. Here’s Mick and Keith considering a riff in the Villa.


Creative spaces can be wondrously rare. It’s not about the architecture but the way the space is used, and the use is best understood when you can find the building’s affordance: It’s layout, reverberation and history all set the pace on the work that will be done there. It’s about ‘building’ upon the past, not rewriting it.
Nellcôte was once occupied by the Gestapo during the Nazi occupation in 1940; likewise Berlin was the epic centre of the Nazi party. This transition to powerful, inspiring spaces is awesome ability of a creative community.

Thanks Jody for the link to berlin lounges.

Photo of Mick and ‘Keef’ by Dominique Tarlé.

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