The pimples on Ilona’s ass

November 12, 2006

Photograph: Eamonn McCabe

Jeff Koons’ been in town – The Guardian has a write up:-

Notable quotes: –

“I believe in advertisement and media completely,” Koons has said. “My art and personal life are based on it.”

There was a frisson even among the predominantly young, laidback Serpentine audience when the painting “Ilona’s Asshole” flashed up on multiple video monitors. This was followed by disbelieving glances when Koons confided that “what I love about the picture are the pimples on Ilona’s ass. That openness, generosity, the sense of self-acceptance.”

[Image in question is here – NOT WORK SAFE, unless you work in an art gallery/brothel..]

Dennis Potter wrote for television, the great indiscriminate disseminator of the visual, so I [Gordon Burns] try a Potter quote on him: “Capitalism now is about selling all of you to all of you. But they don’t know what it is they’re selling. The only object is to keep in the game. Which is to keep selling something. And one day we’re going to find out what it is.” “I’m not interested in capitalism at all,” says Koons. “I’m not interested in objects. I don’t care about money. I’m interested in people – human desire and aspiration and having daily interconnection with the people I value. I believe in experience, and having transcendence in your life.”

Seems Jeff gave a talk at the Serpentine in October – really annoyed I missed that.

Gagosian on Davies Street are showing Cracked Egg (Blue) untill Dec 22.

Jeff – If you’re reading this – drop me a line if you need a hand finishin’ off the website ..

Write up here are here.

Thank to the chief for the heads up.

4 Responses to “The pimples on Ilona’s ass”

  1. Rufus Herring Says:

    Like almost all mod/contemp art it’s a load of sh*t. I could boil an egg, crack it open carefully, spray it with plastikote and it voilá: a Jeff Koons special.

  2. Rufus Herring Says:

    And the Ilona’s ass thing. Good porn. Crap art.

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