SuperLeague Blogging

April 19, 2007

Cautiously, I’m going to point towards a project that I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. I say cautiously, because I’m inclined not to trumpet our work in this space, but it is actually the type of work that I joined Imagination for.

SuperLeague Formula is a hybrid sport, all the details are here, so I wont write about the ins and outs. What’s remarkable about the project is that there is a blog about the birth of the a rather prestigious sport. Taking the client team through the pros and cons of using a blog versus a large glossy website was a lovely experience – discussing the culture of Youtube, Flickr and the tremendous blogosphere. So now we have one of our writers, Mike taking us through the details of the football clubs and the car’s engineering, something which would not have been so interesting with a set of flash movies and whizzy graphics.

One of our concerns on the project was the tone of voice, not trying to make it authentic, but let it be authentic. And it seems to be about right. But the real value of this is the fact that the sport is a sport of the fans, not of the atheletes. As the sport develops (the races start next year), fans get to grow with it, challenge it and stear the idea towards what they want. Perhaps a social network application will get rolled in over time, there seems to be lots of oppotunities for the fans to get involved at every level of the project. Here’s what they’re saying now..

One Response to “SuperLeague Blogging”

  1. Thanks for your post, viz ‘the beautiful race’.

    As expected, it’s proving to be very interesting putting the blog together and, as you say, being able to documenting the birth (and hopefully growth) of a brand new sport.

    With real fans joining the debate (they’re both for and against at the moment, as you can imagine), we’re also opening up the field for them to offer up their own contributions – who should take part, who should drive and whether it will be a success, etc. etc.

    So, as you say, with so many oppotunities for fans to get involved at every level, these are exciting times 🙂

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