Them who make me[me] do

June 11, 2007

So I’ve been tagged by the Punk Planner as one of these.

Right. So now I have to point and confess to 5 blogs that make me pause, scratch and sniff think.

Pink Air (Jeffre Jackson)
Because the agenda is always cloaked by the rhetoric of reason.

Rob Myers (Rob Myers)
Because of the relentless simmering of free culture.

Architectures of Control (Dan Lockton)
Because of the dedication given to liberating freedom from the design of engagement.

Data is Nature (Paul Prudence)
Because no one else finds the best visual algorithmic works than he.

Imagineering (Kristin Posehn)
Because of the constant reminding of looking over seeing. (And I miss her.)

Now, if Technorati want to think I’m a linkfarm for participating in this, gawd knows what they think of the daily links. It’s my blog and I’ll zero influence if I wanna.

Thanks Charles, that was actually fun and made me pause, scratch and sniff.

Update. 19.07.07

I forgot about Zeus Jones. Doh.
Because they are like a brother: so close yet so far away. Connected, but so elusive. Friendly, yet masterful.

One Response to “Them who make me[me] do”

  1. […] technologist David Bausola, of Zero Influence, tagged me with a Thinking Blogger Award, “because of the dedication given to liberating freedom from […]

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