Design Triptych with Quentin Tarantino

January 21, 2008

Be your designs.

Write to the beat.

Reviewers are useless and dangerous.

5 Responses to “Design Triptych with Quentin Tarantino”

  1. I really enjoyed your Oliver Reed Triptych primarily because of the three distinct perspectives:

    The master actor
    The drunk
    The caricature

    A sort of holographic portrait where before we’ve only ever seen a single view at a time.

    Like most rude mechanicals among your audience I want more of the same goddammit. So, this Tarantino one didn’t hit the same sweet spot for me. I wonder how it did with the rest of your audience?

    Anyway, you’re the artist. Don’t let me corrupt you. 😉

  2. Rob Myers Says:

    Crosbie – Dave has absolute artistic power. 😉

  3. As you are no doubt aware Rob, absolute artistic power corrupts artists absolutely.

    An artist has liberty to produce any art they fancy so long as they do not impair truth, violate another’s privacy, nor jeopardise another’s life.

    Sorry. Couldn’t help qualifying that ‘absolute’. Artist’s deserve more power than publishers would permit them, but what power they have still needs limiting.

    Even Dave’s artistic powers should have limits.

  4. @Crosbie

    Even after the days and nights of sleepless viewing, I still couldn’t find 3 clips that match the wonder of Ollie. You see, Quintin doesn’t rock as good like Oliver, simple as that. It’s part of the sublime texts within these Design Triptych posts.

    I’m thinking who I can use to represent truth, violation of privacy and jeopardising another persons life… Mark Zuckerberg? Hmmm, hang on, Peter Thiel? G W Bush would be too easy… Either way, I think I’m up for doing a right wing fundamentalist, so to speak.

    @Rob – you’re right, as always. Sigh.

    Corruptably yours,

  5. progledaj1 Says:

    absolut powerful.

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