Design Triptych with Christopher Walken

March 25, 2008

Identify and promote the anomaly.

(If you have a fever and need more cowbell, the original dosage is here)

If you have to work with a FatBoySlim tack, make the most of it.

Question authority.

6 Responses to “Design Triptych with Christopher Walken”

  1. Oliver Reed:
    Master actor

    Quentin Tarantino

    Christopher Walken
    Dance skills
    Master actor

    Can we arrive at a formula yet?

    1) Pinnacle of Performance (audience respect)
    2) Example of Range/Excursion (even unwitting)
    3) Alternative perspective (caricature, etc.)

    I’m suggesting a formula I reckon would be popular (based on a sample of 1). If you’re simply composing your triptychs on an ad hoc basis according to an unknowable aesthetic, or any other methodology (or none) I’m not questioning it’s validity, but I’m still curious as to whether there could be a magic formula that made the Olly Reed version work so well.

    So much material, so little time. Here’s something in the caricature category:

  2. Interesting, Mr Fitch.

    Design is a process of discovery – and I’m hampered by the limits (!) of youtube video submission and copyright infringements.

    As to the method, maddness is the key.

    I’ll strive to better the Olly Reed classic in future hangings.

  3. p.s. Love the link!

  4. wonderwebby Says:

    I just loooove those moves in number 2. One of my favourite clips to watch. Ever.

  5. I wanna fuck your cat!

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