Datama’s project blog is being to take shape and the lovely domain hack ( has been cleared.

Now on with the real work:- imagineering, prototyping and community building. If anyone wants to get involved, just go and check out the site. Make datama part of your life…

The screen grab above was taken using a prototype I built using vvvv. Details about the prototype are posted here.

If you’ve not come across vvvv before, it’s “a toolkit for real time video synthesis”, produced by the clever folk at

The work that has been produced using vvvv is simply quite stunning. Their Gallery has a listing of all the interactive projects that have been completed with this versatile tool.

Datama! v0.1 is live

July 9, 2006

I’ve just hacked together the first lines of code for Datama! It feels good..

datama v0.1

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