Remarkable is nothing.

Viral ideals divide.

You are what you left.

Private Snaufu was a collaboration between Frank “It’s A Wonderful Life” Capra, Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel, Directors such as Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, Bob Clampett, and Mel “Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Sylvester the Cat, Tweety Bird, Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam, Wile E. Coyote, Barney Rubble, Mr. Cosmo “You’re Fired!” Spacely” Blanc and the genius Frank “funny bone” Tashlin.

It doesn’t have to be that good to become poetry.

Get your Goat.

If you have size, you have proportion.

Rauschenberg interview starts at 29m30s.

The process — an improvisatory, counterintuitive way of doing things — was always what mattered most to him. “Screwing things up is a virtue,” he said when he was 74. “Being correct is never the point. I have an almost fanatically correct assistant, and by the time she re-spells my words and corrects my punctuation, I can’t read what I wrote. Being right can stop all the momentum of a very interesting idea.” [link]

Robert Rauschenberg, multimedia artist, October 22, 1925 – May 12, 2008

Freedom is designed to be currupted.

[31m00s onwards]

Sell, Sell, Sell the team.

Invest in fences.

(Peter Thiel was an Exec Producer on Thank you for Smoking and the Angel Investor of Facebook)

Identify and promote the anomaly.

(If you have a fever and need more cowbell, the original dosage is here)

If you have to work with a FatBoySlim tack, make the most of it.

Question authority.

Be your designs.

Write to the beat.

Reviewers are useless and dangerous.

Exploit context

Own the rules to engagement

Always be available

Design for mobility, not for Mobiles.

Design is Everything divided by Something.

Design by blending, not by positioning.

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