Datama! v0.1 is live

July 9, 2006

I’ve just hacked together the first lines of code for Datama! It feels good..

datama v0.1

Daring Sharezzzzz

May 3, 2006

Daring Sharezzzzz

Taken a break from the writing to have a play with some images from the Sharing is Daring 2006 project. Flickr are hosting a batch of images to use for the project here.

I worked a range of images last year under the working title of ProjRAMs – social scripts on top of Open licence images. Dare to Share seemed like a good project to produce another ProjRam..

After an hour of montaging samples from various images from the Flickr group I had basic reworking of the source material. Then collecting the authors details I noticed that the original source material was licenced differently to it's own source material, for example someone removed SA from another authors Creative Commons BY SA licence. So I added a whole load more incompatible licenced material from the group..

If projects like this cant get it right, to allow the downstream of use – who will?

So I removed the original source attribute in the work and highlight the Flickr group where the images were sourced from. Creative commons allows this referral back to source either as an individual or group – and as the 'tagged' group has a URI, why not give attribution to the project not to the individual? The piece is now licenced under BYSA.
Gimp and Inkscape were used for the production and if WordPress allowed PNGs, you could have had it in that format too.

Let me know if you want this taken down due to the copyright breach..

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