The Creation Plane is model for quizzing the relationships between communications, networks and manufacturing. These three abstracts, for me, are the basis for all engagement, by which I mean, the matrix that is constructed when language is deployed to facilitate participation.

As a model, it’s still under development. The first drafts were scrawled on the back of a cigarette packet around December 2005. At that time I was re-engineering the broadcast model of communications, where media is commissioned for the attraction of advertisers, and overlooked the needs of the stead fast audience. Sadly much of the supporting UML diagrams have been lost on a defunct hard-drive.

Regardless, the discovery that no one had ever written about the explicit relationships between Communications, Networks and Manufacturing (NMC) disturbed and excited me and so the idle pursuit of understanding if there was anything significant in the relationships.

The wiki has a partial history of the Creation Plane, and will continue to be updated over time. All notes and diagrams are licenced under a Creative Commons licence CC-BY-SA, so you can feel free to play with construct.

The name Creation Plane comes from Fano’s Plane, something that I discovered about the same time has I was thinking about NMC. It seemed like an appropriate format to build upon. Why it’s called the Creation Plane is that the relationships between NMC do in-fact support all forms of (human) creation.

To explain this briefly (much more explanation and observations will happen in the blog and wiki), take the act of talking. Someone has to conceive of what to Communicate, Manufacture the signal which has to be passed over matter to the receiver via a Network. In the case of talk: Network is the air between the transmitter and receiver.

Another case of NMC is networked mp3 players, like the iPod. The concept of the iPod is that the music must be manufactured, networked to devices and of course be understandable communication to fuel the system.

There’s lots of odd things about the Creation Plane, much I haven’t written about here in the blog or the wiki. The fact that all the inset nodes are algorithmic, the construct of identity (self), the ways to navigate the paths between objects.

Where all this is going, it’s anyone’s guess. I haven’t been able to forget about it, nor conclude it. Maybe you can help.

Creation Plane on the wiki:-

8 Responses to “Creation Plane”

  1. […] be of value if you look at the Creation Plane too, as the number one rule is putting the user at the centre of the experience, not the project […]

  2. […] Digital is not a channel, it’s the business interface that can be amended, grown, shrunk, adapted, designed to be adaptive and fundamentally, in the possession of the customer. Emotion is the only channel left in the world of 360 planning, digital is the gateway – either via production, distribution or design. […]

  3. […] storytelling to synthesis, we see performance and identity central to the act of engagement. The human centrality is the primary node within a creation plane, which is pure transaction – an act. It’s how you map the individual the execution of transaction that will make the semantic […]

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  7. Joseph Gauthier Says:

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    • Joseph Gauthier Says:

      I remember things I shouldn’t tell me why do they terrify me I was sure if I was going to be able to come back

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