Below is a list of commercial and non-commercial projects that I’ve been involved with.


@ Imagination:

Where are the Joneses? (2007)
Conceived and designed the participatory online sitcom for Ford of Europe, partnering with BabyCow Productions. Using the ‘web as a platform’ by connecting web2.0 services, this ‘Comedy built on RSS’ enables the audience to direct the narrative whilst engaging in a brand. It’s a ‘gift ecconomy’ – you through in an idea, the system gives you back the comedy. All media is licenced through Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike enabling commercial operations that are impossible with regulated broadcast media.

Samsung Experience Store (2006 – Present)
Permantent brand experience seated within the TimeWarner building in New York.

SuperLeague Formula (2007)
Digital strategy for fan based communications programme to support a new bred in auto sport racing.

Ford of Europe Exhibition Programme (2007)
Digital strategy work for the European programme of mainly Tier 1 events. Utilisation of audience participation and bespoke VJ environments.

@ Channel 4 TV :

How to use and Open Licence (2006)

Open Source ‘remix’ version of my presentation covering business benifits of Creative Commons. All visuals done by 4Talent community member.

4Laughs (2006)
4laughs is planned as the follow up to fourdocs, but focusing on the broadcasters highest risk genre – comedy. The launch of the teaser site in July 2006 will be followed by a broader service in the forthcoming months.

FourDocs (2005)
Fourdocs was the first online user-generated video documentary website enabling Channel4 to make relationships with a broad range of documentary makers whilst delivering both its first major online video service and open licence user-generated content platform. Awarded the ‘Best Offering from a Broadcaster 2005’ by Revolution Magazine.

ClipBank (2004-2006)
Clipbank is now Channel4 International’s leading educational product, operating with flexible business contracts and provides over 2000 clips of high quality traceable video from within any international educational environment. Entire schools division of Channel 4 was sold to UK education specialists Expresso on the basis of the success of this revision to the product.

IdeasFactory (2003-2006)
For over 4 years now, Ideasfactory has been helping out the up-and-coming talent around the UK. Now a huge site containing articles on a pretty much everything you need to know on how to get ahead in the creative industries.

Webit and Pix’n’Mix (2003)
Two small projects from working with the IdeasFactory team. Webit helped school kids out with building their websites and Pix’n’Mix showed people how to VJ. Both projects used the Creative Commons licences, making them the first projects from a UK Broadcaster to use the scheme. A terribly overlooked fact in the history of open licencing.

BigDig (2003)
Bringing together over 10,000 participators who produced the UK’s largest online public archaeological database, which delivered a week of prime time live television to a daily audience of 3.5million. Nice article from the Guardian about the project here.

@ Forma Communications Ltd – Now closed

Redbus CPD (2000-2003)
Co-designed and delivered the UK’s first Broadband CPD system, which pioneered full screen interactive video-on-demand with integrated personal development records.

SCEE / Playstation2 Online Convergence (2001-2003)
Planned, managed and delivered the first Playstation2 web-convergence platform for SCEE in 2001, giving gamers the opportunity to build online leagues and communities based upon their gaming performances whilst SCEE explored the meaning of console-web convergence in the UK. Titles included Formula 1 and The Getaway.

@ Okupi – Now closed

Ministry of Sound Virtual Nightclub Club (1999)
VRML showcase for Pentium 3 chipset. A true construction of the London Nightclub, with user and Artificial Intellegence controlled Avitars.


ixi-Software (2001 – Present)
ixi software is an experimental project concerned with building prototypes for musical instruments. We are interested in the computer as a workshop for building non-conventional tools for musicians, i.e. not trying to imitate or copy the tools that we know from the real world of instruments and studio technology. We currently work with open source software and try to build interesting graphical front-ends to software such as Pure Data or Supercollider, but our aim is also to distribute our applications such that everybody can use them, making them simple and intuitive to use.

Datama will be a suite of aggregation utilities, sequencers and render systems that enable media content to be treated as objects, thus enabling further real-time content creation. The objective is to achieve “The Cinematic Realisation of Data.”

Still River (Now Closed)
An Open Source Aesthetics projects involving the artist Rob Myers and critic JJ Charlesworth.

Directionless Enquiries
Directionless Enquiries is an open source peer to peer helpdesk system that helps us to help each other.

Open Business
OpenBusiness is a platform to share and develop innovative Open Business ideas- entrepreneurial ideas which are built around openness, free services and free access. The two main aims of the project are to build an online resource of innovative business models, ideas and tools, and to publish an OpenBusiness Guidebook.

Brand vs. Brand
Brand Vs. Brand is a simple web application I built on the platform. The game asks “Who’s the best brand?” which is an impossible question as each brand stands for it’s own individual values, but curiously you will always choose one over another – if asked. Brands therefore take on an anthropological strength yet maintain their hyperreality.
[More details] [The application]

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